Menu Plan–Week of April 26 & May 2

Matthew Alexander made his grand appearance on Sunday.  Home and settling in is going really well.  I’m taking it easy but also enjoying being able to cook while the grandparents occupy the kids.  What a difference it makes!!  I had forgotten how much easier it is to cook without four little hands trying to help as well.  I LOVE having them in the kitchen with me…but, at their ages, it isn’t yet making things easier for me! LOL

We made the maple-glazed pork tenderloin from America’s Test Kitchen tonight.  Oh my!!  It was DELICIOUS.  It tasted like a nice restaurant meal.   None of the flavors stood out but melded together to make a tasty, juicy piece of pork.  Generally, pork is overcooked and chewy when I try to make it.  I’ve had good luck with pork tenderloin but it costs more than I generally like to spend, so I rarely buy it.  THIS recipe, however, is well worth the splurge!  I served it with baked potatoes, green beans, a wonderful green salad w/homemade croutons and 5-minute bread (truly, one of my favorite recipes ever).

Sunday–At the hospital!
Monday–Ground beef tacos (and nothing else…kept it simple since I had just gotten home!)
Wednesday–Simple Caribbean Jerk chicken with lime rice, served in tortillas, TPW spreads for dessert
Thursday–ATK maple glazed pork, baked potatoes, green salad, green beans and 5-minute bread
Friday–Picnic at the beach for DH’s promotion party
Saturday–Steaks on the grill w/Outback seasoning, green salad, 5-minute bread (rest of dough from Thursday), green beans and corn
Sunday–pizza (ordering in!) and movie night
Monday–Hamburgers with onion straws, easier French fries, fresh pineapple, carrot sticks
Tuesday (ILs leave)–
Wednesday–Maui Grilled chicken (freezer) and rice whole wheat wraps, pineapple
Thursday (DH’s first day back to work)–pasta w/spaghetti sauce & meatballs (both in freezer), breadsticks (from freezer) and a green salad
Friday–Mexican Ground Beef Quinoa (new recipe, never made quinoa before!) and cornbread
Sunday (my mom arrives!!!!)–pizza & movie night

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