Menu Plan Monday–Week of March 14

Here is what I learned in the past 24 hours:
1) When you are playing around with your web hosting, do NOT make any changes you don’t understand.  DON’T!!
2) Dreamhost has awesome customer service.  SO very pleased with the speed and helpfulness they displayed while getting me sorted out.
3) Write your meal plan down somewhere OTHER THAN your blog.  LOL  I wanted to grocery shop yesterday or this morning but couldn’t remember what I planned and couldn’t access my site.
4) Even when you’re busy, make sure you eat breakfast and lunch, especially when you’re 34 weeks pregnant.  I totally forgot to do both today and, by mid-afternoon, I was feeling horrible.  Lunch has been eaten now, thankfully, and I’m starting to feel better.  Just in time to clean up and get dinner started.

I planned to review the recipes we tried last week but my brain is still fuzzy from not eating.  So I guess I’ll skip.

English Muffins
Oatmeal (homemade packets for our two busy mornings, regular stovetop for the other days)

Sunday–Pizza & movie night
Monday–Garlic chicken, rice-a-roni and ???
Tuesday–Hamburgers (freeze extra raw patties), pineapple or apple slices, BBQ potatoes
Wednesday–Spaghetti (sauce in freezer), meatballs (in the freezer) and whole wheat breadsticks
Thursday–I have no idea.  LOL
Friday–Crisp pork tostadas (M/A Cook’s Illustrated), cilantro lime rice, homemade corn tortilla tostadas, tortilla chips & homemade salsa (in fridge)
Saturday–Bacon-roasted chicken and potatoes, rolls, green beans and a green salad w/Outback croutons

Mini apple pies w/homemade vanilla bean ice cream (extra pies to freeze)

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  1. Those BBQ Potatoes sound delish, I think I might try it with sweet potatoes too :)

  2. Great tips. Your menu plan sounds delicious.

    I really enjoy MPM because I’m able to get loads of recipe ideas.
    Just another reason for loving blogging.

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