How a baby got its name

Trying to clear out my Google Reader tonight, I paused when I got to Whitney’s post @ Rookie Mom on how her son got his name.  It brought a smile to my face, thinking about how each of mine got their names.

Two days old

While driving to a funeral with my sister and brother-in-law, the topic of baby names came up.  We I/he didn’t argue had recently decided to TTC, so talking names made me a little giddy.  I mentioned that we had never found a girl’s name we agreed on.  They began throwing out ideas.  When they said Elizabeth, we looked at each other and nodded.  My sister & BIL loved that name and had it on their list.  They said we could have it for $5. :-)  I’m not sure we ever forked over that $5!  I knew that I wanted to choose a family name for #1.  I am named after both of my grandmothers and my husband after his father.  It seemed an obvious choice to use my mom’s middle name if I had a daughter.  While home visiting early in my second trimester, my mom and I stopped at Olive Garden after baby shopping.  She asked about names and I told her our choices.  She balked at the middle name saying she had never liked her own.  She proposed Joy (instead of Joyce) and I knew right away it was the perfect choice…Elizabeth Joy.

One Month Old

When we found out #2 was a boy, I assumed we’d go with Sam(uel).  It was our choice if #1 had been a boy, so I assumed it would move into this slot.  My husband, however, had decided that he no longer liked the name Sam(uel).  Good thing EGirl wasn’t a boy after all!!  So back to square one.  Pretty quickly we narrowed it down to Benjamin and some other name that I don’t even remember anymore.  I know it was a shorter name but that is all I can remember.  One day we headed over to Atlanta and, on the way home, stopped at Wendy’s for dinner.  We were debating and Elizabeth piped up that she liked Benjamin.  So Benjamin it was!  We decided to use Benjamin’s father and grandfather’s names for his middle….Benjamin James.

A month old

Another little boy would be our last babe.  Hoping that time had changed SoldierBoy’s mind again, I proposed Samuel.  No go.  Many, many names later, I brought the name Matthew out.  Now, when I had proposed that name some years back for #1, he physically curled away from me with a look of horror on his face.  Who knew a reaction so strong could occur from such an innocuous name?!  A similar reaction occured when I brought it up for #2.  This time?  He loved it.  Wha?!  I reminded him of his prior reactions and he looked at me as if I was the crazy one.  Men!  This time, though, I began to waffle at the name.  I really loved the name Jack.  Some waffling later, Matthew it was. (And he is so NOT a Jack as it turns out!)  A middle name, though, left us without any idea.  We wanted to use another family name but none of the ones left seemed to really fit.  I e-mailed my sister to ask for ideas and, out of a list of nearly two dozen, Alexander stood out.  I really loved the name alone and in combination.  SoldierBoy started pushing for Alan (Allen?  not sure which!).  We came to an impasse and never really discussed it.  Until I was in labor.  On the way to the hospital, I said I wanted Alexander.  I had yet to be the one to actually chose/name any other names and so I wanted this one.  The last name we’d choose.  Anyway, who can argue with a woman in labor?!  He agreed…Matthew Alexander.

How did your kids get their names?

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  1. I love all your names and the way you described identifying them! My own middle name is Elizabeth. If my son Julian was a girl, he would have been Scarlett Elizabeth. But my daughter, Scarlett, got her great-grandmother’s name, Lake, as a middle name. Scarlett Lake.

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