Menu Plan Monday–Week of August 15

SoldierBoy has returned from training, so its back to real menu planning and *gasp* actual cooking for me.  I have enjoyed dinners consisting of peanut butter sandwiches, Sun chips and pineapple mixed with the occasional trip to Wendy’s!

Tonight we tried something new–we made fresh pasta!  We have been talking about it for a couple months.  Though everything we read talked about how easy it was to make, we were both nervous about it–it felt so daunting!  We decided to try this recipe for whole-wheat pasta.  We were amazed at just how easy it was!  The taste was good, too.  We didn’t roll it thin enough, however, so it was VERY puffy and, in some of the thickest pieces, not quite cooked through.  We will definitely try again!

After a summer off of our regular activities, things are quickly getting back into motion.  We started our second year of homeschooling two weeks ago, Awanas starts back this week, Daisy Girl Scouts next week and MOPS the next week!  Plus a variety of homeschool activities.  Menu planning is going to be essential these next few months!!

Chicken bacon club sandwiches (freezer), pineapple, Sun chips
Taco salad
Grilled chicken salad

Sunday–Homemade pasta, red sauce, garlic bread
Monday--Chili-Lime Chicken kabobs w/veggies, barley and rice pilaf, salad
Tuesday–Ham steaks, sweet dinner rolls, green beans, pineapple
Wednesday–French Dip sandwiches, potato wedges
Thursday–Shredded chicken burritos, cilantro lime rice, tortilla chips and salsa
Friday–Indian-spiced pork kabobs with veggies, oven brown rice, naan
Saturday–Grilled steaks, smashed potatoes, rolls and corn

Head over to to share your menu plans and get inspired by others!

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