September Freezer Plan

Since we’re moving soon, I’m really trying to clean my freezer OUT rather than fill it up.  Even still, I have a few things I want to put up in the freezer to help with the next couple months of craziness, especially breakfasts now that we’re into our school year and activities are back in session!

If you have a laminating machine, here is a great way to make labels to reuse for your future freezer sessions.

Check out my Food for My Freezer section for more recipes as well as some freezer tips.  (I just found that I’m having problems with some of these links.  All the recipes should be over on the right sidebar or search for freezer.  I’ll try to figure out what is wrong.)

(Everything is frozen raw unless noted.)

Whole-wheat cinnamon rolls
Lemon poppy-seed scones
Apple-cinnamon scones
Whole wheat waffles
Mini apple pies (actually a pretty decent breakfast!  And so yummy for fall!!)
Black pepper & Bacon drop biscuits

Ground beef taco “muffins”, 1lb
Chicken bacon club sandwiches, 2 full loaves (4 meals)
Grilled chicken (seasoned, cooked & diced for pasta, salads, wraps, etc.), 3lbs

Whole-wheat dinner rolls, 28
Cajun chicken (for sandwiches), 2lbs
Hawaiian barbecue chicken (frozen in marinade), 2 meals
Meatballs (partially-cooked), 3lbs
Shredded Mexican chicken, 4lbs
Shredded Mexican pork, 6lbs

Whole wheat bread, 2 loaves (cooked)
White sandwich bread, 2 loaves (cooked)
Peanut butter oatmeal cookies, 4 dozen

Check out Life as Mom and Money Saving Mom this weekend for more freezer plans, recipes & tips!

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