Freezer Cooking Days

When I saw that Money Saving Mom and Life as Mom were hosting another fill-your-freezer weekend, I decided this would be good motivation to finish getting things filled for the new baby. I posted earlier with my plans.

Tomorrow I need to defrost our standing freezer before I can fill it.  So that will be first up.


  • enchilada chicken soup, 1 cup portions–?? packages (already cooked, just needs bagged and labeled)
  • shredded & seasoned pork barbecue, 1.25lb (each)– 1 package (cooking tonight)
  • baked pasta–1 package (doubling tomorrow’s dinner)
  • Soft Italian breadsticks–3 dozen (doubling tomorrow’s dinner)
  • homemade buns, 24 (cooked today, need to be wrapped & bagged)



  • Mini apple pies (this has been on my to-make list for three weeks now…maybe it will get made this time! LOL)
  • taco chicken, 1.25lb (each)–4 packages

And perhaps I’ll get to these two items…

Whew!  I am worn out thinking about all of that!  But it’ll feel great going into my 37th week knowing how much is in my freezer!

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