Freezer Cooking Days–Update #2

So today hasn’t been as productive as I planned.  DH was going to take the kids to the beach this morning, while I cooked, but it got rained out.  And then I got to take a nap this afternoon! :-)  I never made it to the grocery, either, but DH is running that errand for me now.

Updated progress…
bagged, labeled & frozen the enchilada soup (nine 1-cup portions)
made the soft Italian breadsticks and froze half
bagged & labeled the seasoned pork barbecue (one package of 1lb)
wrapped, bagged & labeled the homemade buns
made the peanut butter oatmeal cookie dough, froze half the dough
made the taco chicken meat, shredded and bagged

So today I still need to:
freeze the remaining balls of PB oatmeal cookie dough
make the instant oatmeal packets

For Saturday, that leaves:

  • Oatmeal Toffee Cookies, raw & shaped
  • spaghetti sauce, 2 cup portions–??? packages (I’m making a quadruple recipe and I’m not sure how many packages that will make.)
  • Mini apple pies (this has been on my to-make list for three weeks now…maybe it will get made this time! LOL)

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