Freezer Cooking Days–Update #1

Well….I’m making progress but not by much.  I started my spaghetti sauce only to find I didn’t have any onion or garlic.  So that is on hold until tonight or tomorrow.  And then I went to start my oatmeal packets only to find that I had *just* enough quick oats for the PB oatmeal cookies.  So they are on hold, too. I decided to move some plans around to make up for what I couldn’t do so far today.

bagged, labeled & frozen the enchilada soup (nine 1-cup portions)
started the Italian breadsticks (double recipe), will cook & freeze tonight
bagged & labeled the seasoned pork barbecue (one package of 1lb)
wrapped, bagged & labeled the homemade buns
made the peanut butter oatmeal cookie dough

So today I still need to:
make a double portion of baked pasta and freeze half
finish up the breadsticks
buy onion, garlic & quick oats
freeze the balls of PB oatmeal cookie dough
make the taco chicken meat, shred and bag

For Friday and Saturday, that leaves:

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