February Freezer Days

Coming into this weekend, I had a huge freezer plan ready.  Only, I needed to grocery shop first.  And then every day this week something came up and I didn’t get to the store.  I forgot that I needed to shop FOR this weekend instead thinking it was just to pick up the normal basics.  Here it is Friday and I now remember why I needed to go to the grocery!!

So…my revised list
Maple-bacon scones (YUM)
Maple-oat scones
Red sauce
Shredded barbecue chicken (4 dinners, cooked already but needs bagged & labeled)
Chicken in marinades (on sale @ Sam’s Club, 12 pounds)
Ground beef taco meat (3 dinners, cooked but needs bagged & labeled)
Whole wheat tortillas x 36
White tortillas x 36
Oven brown rice (x 2 side dishes, experiment in freezing it)
Pizza pieces

What are you freezing this month?  Leave a comment below with a link to your plans (I’m always looking for ideas!) and then share your plans over at Life as Mom!

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  1. Wow! Your list makes what I accomplished today look so small! :-) I’ve tried freezer cooking out before but haven’t been too thrilled and so I’m trying it a little bit differently this time. I hope it will make dinner plans for the month of February easier. If it does, I’m looking forward to doing it again in March!! :-)

    Here’s the correct link for the chicken sandwiches. I just mixed up the oil marinade and poured it in a freezer bag with the chicken. On the evening I fix it I’ll thaw the chicken and saute/cook it then…that way it will still taste freshly prepared. :-)


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