Stumbling Saturday

This is the second part to my Saturday Stumbles.  The first part is here and revolves around a recent blog carnival about breastfeeding.  For various reasons, I didn’t want to link directly to that from the Saturday Stumbles post.  If you’re interested, though, there are some really good blog entries linked there.

These whole grain cinnamon rolls are going to be our breakfast Sunday morning.  Yum!

My kids aren’t what I’d call picky.  My daughter will try almost anything (she gets that from her dad!).  My son eats less of a variety than my daughter at that age but he still eats a good variety and not just “kid foods”.  Still, I thought this article 8 Things Picky Eaters Wish Their Parents Knew was very interesting.  It helps frame “pickiness” in a more positive manner, giving good insight into it.  I really appreciate the article.

I Run So You Can Fly by Memories for Later came across my internet on just a day I needed it.

These Rustic Dinner Rolls from America’s Test Kitchen look WONDERFUL.  I think I’ll puppy-dog-eye DH tomorrow until he agrees to make them for dinner tomorrow night.  (You have to register to see the recipe but its worth it…We LOVE ATK/Cook’s Illustrated recipes in our house.  If you’ve never seen the show on PBS or read the magazine, imagine a combination of Alton Brown’s geekiness & need for absolute accuracy with Consumer Report’s way of evaluating several of every item to find the best with a geeky, bow-tie wearing farmer.  If you have no geekiness in you at all, do yourself a favor and skip it.  For the rest of you, indulge!)

And because this one never ceases being highly amusing and yet I haven’t seen anyone click on it the last two times I posted it, here we go again…Why Having a Toddler is Like Being at a Frat Party.  Seriously.  Its funny.  I promise.  And if you have a toddler or have ever had a toddler, you’ll find it amusing.  Even if you’ve never been to a frat party.  And if you click on it, read down through the comments.  Hilarious.  I have seriously probably read this two dozen times.  And I still laugh.

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  1. Oh I loved the “I run so you can fly” post … and the recipes sound great too! *Usually* my two aren’t two terribly picky but we do tend to get in a rutt for most meals.

    Thanks for linking up & sharing:)

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