Saturday Stumbles

First time participating in Saturday Stumbles!

A couple weeks late but I found this article by The Pioneer Woman about Memorial Day really interesting!

I have been looking for small motor activities for my boy.  And I’ve been looking for more portable activities for both kids that I can take in the car, diaper bag, etc.  I cam across this idea for homemade lacing cards.  Perfect!  I can find simple images for my 2yo and more complex ones for my 5yo.  And talk about a portable, easy-to-pack toy!

Are you in a side dish rut?  Come over to Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice for her side dish showdown this month.  Get ideas and share your own!

We are preparing for a trip to Maui next month.  We’ve traveled a decent amount with the kids but this article on The Art of Travel with Young Children at Simple Kids served as a good reminder as we start planning the details of our trip.

Have you seen a more beautiful laundry room?!!  I would never have thought to accessorize a laundry room…isn’t that the room that you shut off to visitors (and yourself, lest you feel the guilt of un-done laundry).  If I had a laundry room like this, I’d lead my guests through it on the way to the living room!!

I came across this article about the Concept of Giving: Yourself, Your Time! Its challenged me to think about how I can give my time this week.  I think I’ll invite a friend with a deployed husband to bring her kids over for an ice cream party.  How can you give of YOURSELF this week?

How good does this cherry frozen yogurt look?!  Next time I find a good deal on cherries, THIS will be in my freezer!

Head over to it’s come 2 this to find stumble upons and share your own!

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  1. GREAT links. So glad you linked up to Saturday Stumbles today. That laundry room is AMAZING. I bookmarked several others as reminders too. You introduced me to way to many new blogs. My reader is full already!!

  2. Thanks so much for pointing me to the lacing card idea–I will totally do something like this for my kids!

  3. Yay! Thanks for linking up!! Sorry I was so late to post today! Usually the linky is up by about 11pm on Friday.

    Great links:)

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