Saturday Stumbles

Any cookie that has both toffee AND white chocolate in it can’t be wrong.  I can’t wait to make these toffee chocolate chip cookies from Our Best Bites!

A couple years ago I made coasters out of tiles for Christmas presents.  They weren’t bad…but they weren’t great either.  I came across these coasters @ joy is at home this week and I think these will be much better.  Check back in a couple weeks and I’ll post my results (this week we’re getting packed up!!)

While browsing Picky Palette (my kids aren’t picky, their mama, OTOH, leans that way…), I found these cookies.  My daughter, from across the room, shouted “Make those cinnamon rolls, mama!!”  I explained they were cookies and her face lit up even more.  Guess they’re going on my to-make list!!

And on a more serious note, Memoirs of a Bullied Kid hit me hard.  I wasn’t bullied but, for most of us anyway, junior high was hard enough if you were NOT a bullied kid.  And so, reading his memoirs, I reflected back to my own 11-14 years.  And I cried for him.  Powerful entry from a great new(ish) blogger. (Poke around his site when you’re done with that one, he has some powerful entries.)

I’ve come back to The Memo by itscome2this several times since she posted it a month or so ago.  The last couple weeks have left me feeling unaccomplished, out of my element and ridiculously stressed.  The next four months are sure to test every fiber of my skills as a mother, homeschool teacher, wife, military wife, sister and daughter.  And to be reminded that I’m not alone in struggling some days?  Yeah, I need that.

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  1. Oooh, those recipes sound delish!

    You are definitely not alone in feeling the way you feel. I get overwhelmed, discouraged, etc.

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